4 Corners Climate Circus

On June 25th we were at the corner of King and Bay from 8AM-6PM announcing the obvious: climate emergency. We were also calling on banks and bankers and investment professionals to divest themselves from fossil fuels — both for the sake of the planet and their own bottom line, because we all know the CARBON BUBBLE is going to pop real soon — and the Tar Sands Bubble is going to pop even sooner! Even OIL COMPANIES are already moving away from high-carbon sources like the Tar Sands.

We had a funk band (Commander and Thief), young people singing original songs about climate, a full choir, hula dancers, dozens of clowns, spoken word, entrancing story-telling, bubbles, t-shirt making, an ABSURD street theatre piece in which bankers and politicians in masks battled for control of the economy and a huge inflatable globe. It was general, joyous chaos. And even in the heart of the financial district we mostly got positive responses.

Some people said we should have sent more targetted demands to the banks, but honestly, we’re not naive, we don’t think the banks are going to listen to a couple hundred Torontonians making music on their doorstep — our message was to the public, to the bankers as individuals:

There is a climate emergency. You know it. You see it in the news. Chennai — which is the size of three Torontos — has ALREADY RUN OUT OF WATER. It’s time to choose sides. Are you on the side calling for climate action that meets the demands of science? Or are you on the side that will continue blindly with business as usual until society collapses? Because we need hundreds of thousands to join us in the streets as soon as possible.

If you missed it, we are definitely doing this again.

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