The Questions – Week 1

Extinction Rebellion Toronto held our first roadblock in the Questions Series on July 16th and despite the heat and an aggressive, climate-denying street preacher, we stood our ground and kept the vibe loving. Our regenerative culture group did an outstanding job keeping everyone calm and collected and our actions and logistics team adjusted to unforeseen circumstances like old pros.

We had a lot of support from passers-by and cyclists and even some drivers. Others, were understandably frustrated. We are genuinely sorry for disrupting people, we would also have preferred to be chilling in the shade watching the leaves rustling — but our government has failed to act with sufficient urgency and we have exhausted all traditional means of political organizing.

Some asked ‘how will this stop climate change?’ We, as a group, are under no illusions that 50 people slowing traffic will make the government cave to our demands. However, studies of protest movements have found that mobilizing 3.5% of the population in an ongoing disruption usually lead to rapid change. Our aim is to grow rapidly until we can not be ignored. And it’s working — our orientation sessions are packed and our working groups are all growing rapidly. For those who still critique our approach we ask “do you have a better plan?” Because we have tried petitions and letters to our MPs and voting and personal footpring reductions and emissions STILL ROSE IN 2018.

Join us on Tuesday July 23 at 5:15 at St. George and Bloor where we will ask the University of Toronto when they plan to take action.

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