Press Release: October 7, 2019 – Global Rebellion






Visit Extinction Rebellion Toronto’s website for the full Declaration of Rebellion.

WHEN: October 7, 2019, 8:00am

WHERE: Meet at Playter Gardens Park at 7:30am (4 Cambridge Ave, north side of Danforth, west of Broadview Station)

WHO: Extinction Rebellion Toronto  



Toronto members of Extinction Rebellion unite with rebels around the world and across Canada in a Global Rebellion. In Toronto, we plan to disrupt business as usual by occupying the Prince Edward Viaduct over the Don Valley Parkway beginning at 8:00am on October 7, 2019.

Nearly 750,000 people in Canada joined an estimated 6 million worldwide in the Global Climate walkouts to demand action and a just climate policy. Now, in the leadup to the Canadian Federal Election, Extinction Rebellion Toronto and allies from across Ontario will escalate their campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience and push for immediate action on the climate crisis. We have three demands of the government: TELL THE TRUTH, ACT NOW, MOVE BEYOND POLITICS.

The science is clear; we have run out of time for token gestures like the Prime Minister’s declaration of a climate emergency followed the next day by the approval of a pipeline or John Tory’s proposed climate emergency declaration that fails to include “new pledges for additional programs or initiatives”. Because the Government has neglected its duty to protect its citizens by allowing the ongoing destruction of the biosphere, members of Extinction Rebellion intend to disrupt economic activities in Toronto until our demands are met. 

This action will occur simultaneously with other Extinction Rebellion chapters in large and small urban centers across the country and around the globe. By engaging in a strategy of nonviolent civil disobedience we aim to awaken the hearts of citizens and call them to action and to demand the Government act now to address the climate crisis.

A notice of demonstration will be filed with the police for this event. Those who do not want to block the road are invited to stay in Playter Gardens Park nearby. 


While we have a charter right to freedom of assembly in a public space — including the streets — the police also have a strong legal right to perform their duties to maintain public order. When these rights overlap it is important to understand the possible legal consequences. We believe that the park will be a green zone throughout the action with an extremely small chance of arrest. The road will be a yellow zone — protestors can occupy city streets and often do so without arrest — but it is possible, though unlikely, that police may determine this gathering unlawful and arrest people. If police specifically order people to clear the road and state verbally that those who do not comply will be arrested, the road will become a red zone where chances of arrest are high, but impossible to predict.

While we highly recommend that you attend a Non-Violent Direct Action training, you can also inform yourself of potential outcomes with this document.

This action will be supported by the Movement Defense Committee (a team of volunteer lawyers) and you should call this number (416 833 6137) if you are arrested.

*** Extinction Rebellion Toronto cannot guarantee legal representation for anyone arrested during this action beyond this initial phone call but the Movement Defense Committee will advise you on retaining a lawyer. ***


We acknowledge that we meet, organize and protest upon the traditional territories of the Mississauga of the Credit First Nation, Anishnawbe, Haudenosaunee, Wendat, and Huron Indigenous Peoples. They are the original stewards of this land, as well as the original environmental activists, whose models of resistance we see reflected in our own activism. 

We operate on Treaty 13 land, which was defined during the Toronto Purchase claim of 1805. The Treaty indicates that Tkaronto is unceded, and has never been sold or agreed to be shared with settlers by the Mississaugas of the New Credit. The truth is that most of the area this city covers has been settled illegally and unjustly. We live, work and organize on stolen land, which was taken from Indigenous peoples against the spirit of peace, friendship and respect.

We recognize the violent history of this space, in which many of us are still benefactors. As activists, we aim to act responsibly and stand in solidarity with land and water defenders all across Turtle Island. 

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