Global Rebellion in Toronto


Toronto members of Extinction Rebellion along with Animal Rebellion Turtle Island and other solidarity groups, joined rebels across Canada and around the world to launch the Global Rebellion—a two-week campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience to demand that governments take immediate action on the climate crisis. We are on the brink of ecological collapse and in the beginning of the sixth mass extinction. 

Toronto rebels gathered at Playter Gardens at 7:30am for a briefing. By the time we occupied the Prince Edward Viaduct at 8:05am, our numbers grew to nearly 200.

Throughout the day we engaged in singing, chants, art, and theatre. The atmosphere was at times serene and somber and at other times joyous and uplifting. It was so heartening to see so many fight for a just and livable future.

Rebels held the bridge for close to five hours. The police attempted to clear the bridge at 11:45pm and ordered everyone to vacate the area. 18 members of Extinction Rebellion Toronto and Animal Rebellion Turtle Island refused to leave the bridge and were arrested and charged with Mischief/obstruct use of property not to exceed $5000. They were all released within 24 hours and are now safe at home. They are currently reviewing their options and deciding how to proceed.

We want thank those who were arrested for their courage and thank our Regenerative Culture team for their patience and compassion in supporting them throughout the night and in the following days.

Extinction Rebellion Toronto is not alone in its desire for action. We unite in solidarity with nearly a million people in Canada and 6 million worldwide who took to the streets for the Global Climate Strike. We refuse to continue on business as usual and are demanding action. The science is clear. If we do not move swiftly, we will soon reach the tipping point for irreversible climate breakdown.

We welcome anyone to join us who wants the Government to tell the truth, act now, and move beyond politics for real and sustained action on the climate emergency.

Updated October 10, 2019

Extinction Rebellion Toronto, October 7, 2019
Global Rebellion
Extinction Rebellion Toronto, October 7, 2019
Global Rebellion