On October 7th, in Toronto, 18 members of Extinction Rebellion and Animal Rebellion were arrested on the Prince Edward Viaduct following a peaceful protest. Their choice to risk arrest is a direct response to the government’s inaction in the face of the climate crisis, and the severe impact it will pose to future generations and the life-supporting ecological systems that we all rely on.

They spent a night in jail and have faced many weeks of uncertainty about legal expenses and repercussions while the Crown reviewed the evidence against them.

We are so grateful for their courage and strength. 👊❤️

Today the Crown thankfully withdrew the charges, stating that pursuing them “would not be in the public interest.” We believe this is a sound decision – the State should not use public resources to punish its people for reacting to political inertia. Instead, the State should be focusing on confronting the impending ecological collapse which threatens us all.

We do not take getting arrested lightly. Choosing to be arrested is a reaction to the dire situation we will soon all be facing. We know that to be able to choose to be arrested is a privilege that many others do not have. We recognize that many communities face systemic harm and violence at the hands of police and the State because of their continued resistance to oppression. We stand in solidarity with countless Indigenous activists and hope to bring awareness to the ongoing harm experienced by land and water defenders all across Turtle Island.

We are committed to ongoing activism and disruption. Our demands are the following:

TELL THE TRUTH – The government must work with the media to tell the truth about climate change and declare a state of emergency
ACT NOW – The government must act now to reach net-zero carbon emissions and halt biodiversity loss by 2025
BEYOND POLITICS – That the government moves beyond politics and create a citizens’ assembly to guide this transition so that it works for everyone – not just wealthy lobbyists.

With Love & Rage,

XR TO Team

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