TMX Die-In at Finance Minister’s Constituency Office

In advance of the Liberal’s Trans Mountain Expansion decision, we teamed up with Fridaysforfuture Climate Strike Toronto and visited Bill Morneau’s Office to make our position clear: NO NEW PIPELINES ANYWHERE. They wouldn’t let us in, so we lay down outside, sang together and then chalked our outlines to remind them of the harm they are doing to us, our planet and future generations. Follow Coast Protectors for more on pipeline resistance.

This was a pop-up event in response to a news item, but we quickly turned out about a dozen people.

Unite Against Racism Rally

On June 16, Extinction Rebellion marched with Migrant Worker’s Alliance for Change, Climate Justice TO, Toronto350 and other groups to demand an end to forced migration caused by climate breakdown, wars and other causes and better working and status conditions for migrants already living alongside us.

Climate Change is Environmental Racism. It is being caused by the ongoing practices of corporate/colonial/extractivist forces in the Global North, but it’s worst impacts are already underway in the Global South.

Faith For Creation Roadblock

On June 10, Extinction Rebellion Toronto teamed up with Faith Leaders to block one of the busiest intersections in Toronto for 15 minutes. While everyone else was settling in for the basketball game, we let the city know that we aren’t playing games. Rabbi Aviva Goldberg, Imam El-Farouk Khaki, Rev. Dr. Cheri DiNovo, Councillor Mike Layton and two members of Extinction Rebellion spoke the truth in the pouring rain.